Gladding, William K.
7 reviews 5.0
1738 Pickwick Place
Fleming Island, FL 32003
USCG approved laboratory
Thorough, knowledgeable, articulate, RECOMMEND!, 2016-06-20
This is our seventh boat and survey, so we have quite a bit of experience from which to compare. We interviewed a few surveyors and hired Bill. Although he is knowledgeable of many vessels, the 55' Krogen is a relatively new Krogen model. Prior to driving over 250 miles to where the vessel was berthed, Bill researched all systems and came prepared. He arrived early, wasted no time, and applied his wealth of knowledge to reviewing all systems, hull, running gear, and certain engine aspects during a sea trial, on the hard, and at the dock. He is articulate, both verbally and in the production of a professionally crafted document, plus had a great sense of humor--helpful during a stressful process. His detailed report arrived within 48 hours, and he made himself available for future follow-up questions. His fees are reasonable, and we will absolutely hire him again for future evaluation services without reservation. If you have further questions, we would be happy to discuss our experience. Bottom line, we strongly recommend Bill Gladding.
Professional knowledgable Surveyor, 2015-08-17
I hired Bill based on a referral and he was more than I expected. Bill spent 9 hours on-board conducting one of the most thorough surveys I’ve seen. The survey was conducted on a Friday then on Saturday Bill and I would discuss issues he would see as he continued to review his notes. During the survey he continually discussed what he was doing and pointing out areas that were good and areas that needed work. I learned a lot looking over his shoulder. Over the course of the survey Bill took 250 pictures. The report showed up Monday morning and was very well laid out and easy to follow and understand. I would highly recommend Bill for any type of survey you need.
Best surveyor I have ever had!, 2015-05-20
Bill Gladding is the best surveyor I have ever had! He is very professional and cares about his work. The survey report I received is very well organized and easy to understand. It will be a valuable reference while maintaining or repairing the boat along with the hundreds of detailed photos he provided. The photos were so good I decided I didn't need to inspect the bottom myself after discussing the condition with Bill and looking at the pictures.

During the sea trial Bill was all over the boat checking to make sure everything was operational and looking for leaks. He double checked items from the list he worked up during the out of the water inspection. Following the sea trial Bill walked me through the boat pointing out things he felt I should personally view before purchase. Bill was always ready to answer any questions my wife or I had about the boat.

After the sea trial Bill spent an hour with us going over important items about the boat from his notes and answering our questions.

I started this by saying professional and cares. In his work you can tell that Bill cares about what he does and wants his clients to have a great experience. We did!
Very Thorough and Excellent Judgment, 2015-02-25
When we were looking to buy our "forever boat"--the one we had spent decades of our land-based lives saving up for and dreaming of sailing as far as we could get until we ran out of energy, money, or both, we knew we would need the best surveyor to help us determine whether the boat we thought was perfect would really do. Further complicating matters, we live over 1000 miles from where the boat lay in the water, so we had to carefully coordinate travel, leave from work, care for our dogs while we were surveying the boat, etc. to make this purchase work.

Bill Gladding's professionalism was immediately apparent, with basic forms and detailed descriptions of his work available on his website before even contacting him. Once the contact was made, we were certain he was the right surveyor for us. He did not disappoint.

The day the survey was scheduled, Bill arrived bright and early--about ten minutes before we did. He was already engaged in discussions with the broker--who had sold this boat to the current owner 11 years prior--when we found him on the pier. Once the owner arrived, the survey began in earnest. He spent nearly four hours crawling over every bit of the interior and noting the condition of exterior features--we learned a lot about our soon-to-be boat! After the interior inspection, we pulled away from the pier for the sea trial. Bill worked with the owner to exercise every fitting and line, as well as putting the engine through her paces on the surprisingly blustery day. Despite the unseasonably cold weather, he had us running the boat for nearly an hour and a half to ensure proper operation, including his going below to feel around all the fittings for moisture while working, and listening to and watching the engine from below as she moved through her gears. Again, we learned much about the boat that we would later decide to buy.

Next came the haulout & power wash. One the boat was safely on the hard on her jack stands, Bill was all over her again. Another four hours passed as he tapped over every inch of the bottom and carefully inspected the prop, shaft, and all through-hull exteriors.

Finally, after he had finished looking over the boat, we offered to treat him for dinner as a bonus for his above-and-beyond efforts. He accepted, and over dinner he talked to us about the boat he had just inspected with near-photographic recall, in so much detail and with such acumen about what would or would not pose problems for us were we to buy the boat (he was right on the money on all those counts, by the way) that we knew if we ever needed another boat inspection, he'd be the guy.

The only big shocker we got out of the inspection was Bill's fee: he charged us exactly the amount we had agreed to prior to contracting with him, which I've learned is a rarity among marine contractors for the estimate to be wildly lowballed. Not Bill: his estimate was spot on to the penny, again demonstrating his professionalism.

If you want to spend an entire day learning about your new investment, with someone whose depth and breadth of knowledge and experience will give you all of the insight you need to be able to make the best judgment possible regarding your boat, Bill is the first surveyor I'd recommend.
Excellent Surveyor, 2015-02-25
I can certainly echo the opinions of the previous reviews as Bill surveyed our boat a year ago and did a fantastic job. His online posting of all the hundreds of pictures that he took during the survey have been invaluable during our first year living aboard. I recommend Bill VERY highly.
A Solid Professional, 2015-02-25
There is very little I can add to Capt. Paradox's review except to echo his experience. Bill was on the job when we arrived at the boat for our inspection and put in a full day crawling into every hidden spot in the boat, returning on the second day for the sea trial--without gouging us for additional fees. The many photos he took have been an invaluable tool as we are becoming familiar with the complexities of a 44-foot trawler. We would recommend Bill to anyone looking for a knowledgable, hard-working, easy-to-get-along-with professional surveyor.
Capt. Paradox, 2011-11-07
Bill Gladding has surveyed three boats (trawlers) vor us oover the past ten months. Two we rejected due to his excellent work and the third we just purchased. His work was outstanding; efficient, dilligent, thorough and responsible. His written report was professional, well done and provided in a timely manner (Usually the next day). His concern for keeping his clients expenses to a minimum is greatly appreciated. Answers to follow up questions and information were willingly addressed at no additional expense.

I am highly recommending Bill. In fact I am so confident of his abilities I would probably pay his expenses to fly to survey a boat out of his immediate area of Florida.

Respectfully submitted 11/7/11